How to Quickly Raise Alexa Rank

It's no secret that alexa rank this is always being chased by the majority owner of the website or blog. Why always pursued, because of this measure we can find out how popular your website or blog that we have. Can be seen from the numbers listed on the Titans, swelling or slim. If the swelling means must be excited again to blog traffic increase
alexa rank him. If you already slim ..? The same answer is, keep the spirit though more slender.
So how to look slim ( million became  thousand )...??

Perhaps in the opinion of different bloggers, but there is also the most nearly equal. It is often used by fellow bloggers and I also have to apply them.

Proven efficacious ...!!
* Install Alexa rank widget on the blog for the Titans easily monitor the progress of our blog.
* Frequently updated with articles of interest for visitors feel at home and want to return again to our blog. (is myblog is not interesting ... so shamed.)
* Do blog walking, and do not forget to leave a good impression and support the comment (create free backlink) for the blog owner would come back to our blog (do not use spam ...ok).
* Make a post about how to increase traffic alexa rank, Because this way is often sought by the owner of the web or blog.

If you asked, from the fourth how to increase alexa rank those, which are the most powerful sort of trick alexa ato super awesome? If my opinion still, better combined fourth trick for a quick way to increase alexa rank above.
I think the above has been able to support in order to raise our blog on alexa rank. If my friend there is a more potent can be added. Oh, yes another one .., plug face sorry for the pitiful to alexa (just for joke.....)
again, one another is backlink. don't forget

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